Weather Data: a good starting point for individualized marketing

Waking up on Monday morning to the sound of rain hitting the roof was such a welcome sound in drought stricken California.  It’s been years since we’ve needed umbrellas or rain coats: what a great opportunity to market some of those products in the days leading up to the storm.  Having worked with the CRM team of one of the largest building supply companies, I know that weather forecast data is readily available (now from IBM – see “IBM in deal for non-TV assets of the Weather Company“)  Our challenge in the building supply scenario was to come up with suitable content.  It was easy to configure snow shovels, rock salt and snow blowers for a winter storm forecast, but what is relevant for a partly cloudy day?

It will be interesting to see the extent to which Nike will tailor their ads within the Weather Channel’s app (see “Nike Embraces Weather App in Campaign to Sell Gear Suited to Local Conditions“).   Imagine the power of this type of marketing, combined with same-day delivery!  Thinking about going for a run after work?  Order a new running outfit and try it out that very evening.  Now that’s the kind of utility that data & marketing could bring to consumers.


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